Our goal is real, sustainable, disciple-making mission work. We believe in helping nationals and local missionaries and pastors without hurting or creating dependency for local people.

Share the Gospel

Evangelize in English and through translators.
You'll learn the Share Jesus Without Fear approach to spiritual conversations The Story method of presenting the gospel.
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Drama & Choreography

These routines are easy to learn and very effective.
You'll learn to perform attention getting mimes and routines that gather crowds of people and open doors to the gospel.
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Children's Ministry

Kids love a good show and someone to play with!
You'll use creative stories, puppets, music, sports, and balloons to connect with children and introduce them to Christ.
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Literature Distribution

An effective tool for reaching post-Christian societies.
You'll work in teams to deliver flyers about freedom, hope, forgiveness, and the gospel to various cities in Northern Italy.
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Your Steps to the Mission Field

The journey is not easy, but it is well worth the challenge! If your application for the team is approved, you'll need to be intentional about raising funds for the trip and preparing yourself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Our staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. With over ten years in full time missions and ministry experience each, your team leaders are eager to help you be successful in each phase of the mission from pre-field training, to missions ministry, to debriefing and re-entry.
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    Apply to Join the Team There is no application fee but a limited number of openings are available.

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    Raise Funds for Your Trip Our fundraising coaching website will help you pick the right fundraisers for you.

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    Meet Your Team for Pre-field Training Team unity and training are critical to the success of the mission.

Experienced Missions Leadership

With experience leading and training teams for over a dozen countries around the world, we know how to prepare and carry out an extraordinary mission trip.

Meet Your Team Leaders

Pastor Adam and Jenny Bowers

Adam is Executive Pastor at Heritage Baptist Church and holds a Master's of Divinity with a specialization in pastoral counseling. He enjoys preaching, making disciples, vision casting, and learning about leadership, ministry, and business. At home he loves playing with his son, Jackson, spending time with his wife, Jenny, and working on projects while watching sports or listening to podcasts. Jenny is a Christian Counselor and also serves as the Outreach Coordinator at Heritage Baptist Church.

For nearly 10 years, Adam and Jenny have planned and led dozens of mission trips that have helped hundreds of students and adults serve around the world. They desire to partner with local missionaries and assist with sustainable, long-term ministry. They have personally led multiple teams to our ministry site in Italy and have seen God work over time in this spiritually dark country.
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Overview of Italy

Less than 1% of Italians in Italy are evangelical Christians.

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Literature Distribution

Northern Italy is so sparse with gospel information, that evangelistic literature can be very effective.

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The city the New York Times called "undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man."

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Support Letters

Build a support network of prayer and financial supporters.

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Children's Ministry

Learn to use puppets, stories, songs, balloons, and more to reach children with the gospel.

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Drama Ministry

Dramas are powerful ways to draw a crowd and introduce the gospel.

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