At one time, Venice was the most prosperous city in Europe. A center for art, science, and literature, Venice has been an inspiration in many fields for hundreds of years.

The city consists of 118 islands connected by an intricate system of canals and bridges. Many of the buildings are supported by wooden piles driven into the water and sand and rest on the hard clay below. The type of wood used is resistant to water and has allowed this foundation to maintain its support for hundreds of years.

Venice is filled with breathtaking sculptures, historic churches, museums, and hundreds of shops and restaurants. Grab some delicious shawarma from the Jewish side of town and walk around or pay for a gondola ride to see the city from the waterways. An inexpensive boat pass will give you the freedom to travel throughout the islands during the day and see some of the lesser known treasures. Wrap up the day with some cool treats from one of the many gelato shops and some of the best souvenir shopping in the world.