Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do we stay?

Our teams stay in dormitories on the campus of Saints Bible Institute (SBI) and Saints Equipped to Evangelize (SEE), based in San Lorenzo di Arzene, Italy. Men and women stay in different dorms.


What cities do we minister in?

Our team ministers in nearby towns and cities, including Pordenone, Udine, and Grado.


What will our schedule look like? 

Most of your trip will include ministry days, with 1-2 days set aside for tourism in Venice and surrounding areas.

A typical ministry day may look like this:

Morning - Tract distribution or children's ministry in nearby cities

Afternoon - Training, team time, rest, children's ministry in a park

Later Evening - Drama ministry, testimonies, and street evangelism


Is this location safe?

Our trip locations are chosen for safety and ministry opportunities. We actively track current events and trends of our mission locations to ensure a safe and effective mission.


What are your steps in case of emergency?

The local hospital is under 10 minutes away from the SBI campus. Xtreme Impact will purchase overseas travelers insurance for each student which will cover in-country medical emergencies and emergency evacuation if necessary.


What kind of training do you provide?

Our teams will meet "online" prior to the trip for training and getting to know each other. The specific times and dates will be scheduled with team members in Spring 2016. The first day of our trip will include in-person ministry training in Washington D.C.


When will I receive information like a packing list?

Detailed information like a packing list will be issued about 30-45 days before the departure date of your trip. We'll also cover this information in your pre-trip training.