About This Trip


We're traveling to San Lorenzo, Italy from June 15 to June 28, 2016. Our primary mission is to share the gospel with kids and adults through drama, choreography, literature distribution, and directly sharing the gospel. Specific details are below and Frequently Asked Questions are available here.


Cost: $3,490

This all-inclusive trip cost includes airfare, lodging, in-country transportation, and, of course, amazing Italian food! (Our main missionary contact was a chef in LA before moving back to Italy to reach his people for Christ.)



Our key partner for this mission trip is Saints Equipped to Evangelize. This amazing missions ministry has planted numerous churches throughout Italy. Several of their missionaries were once short term trip members who eventually moved to Italy full time! After the short term team, opportunities for internships and further study are available. You could even get a full semester of college credit while studying in Italy for a few months!



Day 1 - Arrive in DC and train in afternoon/evening
Day 2 - Train in morning and fly to Italy in evening
Day 3 - Arrive in Italy and have SEE orientation in evening
Day 4 - Ministry day
Day 5 - Ministry day
Day 6 - Ministry day
Day 7 - Ministry day
Day 8 - Ministry day
Day 9 - Ministry day
Day 10 - Venice day
Day 11 - Ministry day
Day 12 - Ministry day
Day 13 - Ministry day
Day 14 - Leave Italy and return to DC